Why You Shouldn’t Cheap Out on Sound

Good quality two way loudspeakers.

Maybe our mum and dad’s generation felt beyond soothed by that perfect sound of a needle hitting a groove in a new record. Not to take away from the audio quality of a well-loved turntable, but our generation takes sound quality to the absolute next level. Whether you want to deck out your home theatre system or simply equip your kitchen with the best speakers to play your favourite tunes, when the quality of the sound is as good as it is, why would you ever settle for less?

Better Quality Sound is Just, Well, Better

 You can buy audio systems for as little as $35 and as much as $35,000. So what’s the difference? Where do we draw the line? In the end, quality is truly what counts. Better sound quality products benefit anyone who uses them, from the sport fans who want to hear every play and every thud during the NRL Grand Final, or are hard of hearing and don’t want to miss a word of Countdown, or are simply an audiophile and need to hear the crescendo of Pink Floyd’s “Shine on you crazy diamond” with perfect acuity. There are undeniable benefits to purchasing good quality sound products.

More Dynamic Range

Everybody hates that shattering moment when you’re blasting the music or really enjoying a top action scene of a movie, and then the speakers start sounding like tinfoil on a steel chalkboard. It kills the mood and freaks out everyone nearby who feel as though they must either turn it down quick or blow the speakers. With good speakers, you can climb up in sound without worrying about the quality of the sound.

It’s All About the Bass

We don’t mean that a louder bass is the way to go. We mean a better bass. One that gives you some quality melodic tunes to balance out the harmony, one where you can hear the individual notes and tones. During a movie with a good soundtrack, you may even be able to feel the bass in your core, creating a more immersive experience.

A More Natural Tone Colour

A tone colour, or timbre, is how the natural sound is. So if you played the voice of someone you know on the TV, it should sound exactly like them with a good quality sound system. Good speaker systems give you this sort of nice, clean sound.

A Three-Dimensional Sound

When you choose a good speaker system, you choose something that can create an image for you. What we mean by this is that a good quality sound product can create three-dimensional sound that will give you more than just sound. It will give you an experience.


At DME HIFI in Sydney, we have a range of sound products for many different categories of use in some of the best brand names, like Bose, Sonos and Devialet.

View our online shop or visit our Sydney store today to really understand why you won’t want to cheap out on sound.

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