3 Reasons Your Business Needs Quality Sound

sound quality

We’re not saying that every business needs a good sound quality. Your law office, for example, could probably do without. But for many different types of businesses, from restaurants and nightclubs to retail stores and stadiums, you’ll want to look into having a good commercial-grade sound system installed.

At DME HIFI, we take pride in our ability to help businesses come up with accurate, reliable and cost-effective solutions. Our loudspeakers, electronics and software easily meet the needs of demanding professional applications.

Some of the commercial applications that could benefit from quality sound systems are:

  • Restaurants, nightclubs, hospitality
  • Performing arts centres
  • Theatres
  • Houses of worship
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Retail stores
  • Corporate buildings

So why does your business need quality sound?

Reliable Sound When You Need It

Poorly installed or bad quality sound systems can cause more harm than good. Imagine that you’re working in a hospital and need to make an announcement and it crackles over the loudspeaker. Picture a musical play is performing live and as the soprano reaches the high note, the speaker gives out. Or imagine that you own a sport bar, and the State of Origin is on and the entire audio-visual system goes down. It is unlikely that your business would be trusted again after a screw up like that.

Now imagine that every announcement came out clearly, the soprano’s high note sang loud and clear, and the high quality sound in your bar made the guests feel as though they were sitting right in the stands. Sound is something people remember, whether they realise it or not. You could become a legend in a good or bad way depending on the commercial sound setup you choose.

Simple and Easy

You need a good quality system that it newer and up-to-date because it is simply easier and more flexible to work with. Professional sound systems should be simple to operate and flexible to adapt as needed. You want more of your staff to be able to operate the systems and change the station, if need be.

Likewise, if you’re working in a nightclub and have different performers coming in and out regularly, you’ll definitely want a good system that is easy for different groups to use.


The older the system, the more power it will likely require. Any newer technology is built with energy efficient technology, something that is much more important when you’re using it professionally and on a larger scale. With a newer, better-quality system, you might find that it pays for itself with lower utility costs. They not only use less power, but they put off less heat, which means that they’ll reduce the costs of air conditioning in the long run as well.

Give your business the environment it needs to be the best it can be with some good quality professional sound systems. Read more about our commercial offerings or visit our store in Sydney now for a free in-house consultation.


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