We stock a complete range of all the latest HEOS speakers, amplifiers, and much more. This brand is famous for good reason. It is well known for its exceptionally good sound quality and innovative range of systems and peripherals, for complete range of HEOS system, visit our store located in Neutral Bay, North Sydney.

For Wi-Fi fans, HEOS offers a range of useful system add-ons, notably their multi room Wi-Fi network, HEOS Extend. They also provide powerful 100 W amplifiers and speakers that can handle that sort of power. Other products in the HEOS range include their excellent home cinema sound system, which is designed to deliver beautiful sound through your AV media.

We also provide all the services you need to install HEOS equipment. Our AV experts can help you with setting up, configuring your system, and any other assistance you need. We’ll set up your new Wi-Fi system for you and provide any technical guidance or assistance you need.